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§ Terms of Service

All information about your consultation

By booking a consultation, sending an order form or by filling out and sending a contact form, you expressly agree to the general terms and conditions below of me, Enmanuel von Zehnstern and my company Zehnstern Astrologie. 



The only appointment booking options are either directly byOnline appointment booking(1.1.) or perform order(1.2.). You may only choose one of the two options. This means,if you have sent an order form then you must not book online and vice versa, if you have booked online then you must not send an order form.

1.1.Online appointment booking

You can conveniently book an astrological consultation appointment on this website. Go to the page for thatASTROLOGICAL ADVICE, select your desired type of consultation, click on "BOOK ONLINE" and follow the instructions. After receipt of your online booking, you will receive a speedy appointment confirmation from me by e-mail.

When booking online, you decide for yourself which date you would like to have.

1.2.form order

If you cannot or do not want to book an individual appointment online, you can order it using the order form. To do this, click on the "ORDER FORM" button and fill out the corresponding order form completely. If you send me an order form, you undertake to answer it in a timely manner and pay the corresponding amount timely to transfer for the consultation.

As soon as I have received the order form, you will receive an e-mail reply from me with the payment details. After that you can either pay via PayPal or by bank transfer. 

At a form order  I will decide which appointment you get - see point 1.3..

Information on the payment period can be found under point 2.4.

1.2.1. Procedure for ordering forms in the event of no response 

After sending your order form, you will receive a speedy confirmationemail replyfrom me with an appointment proposal. You have exactly 48:00 hours after receiving my reply to make an appointment with me. You can accept my proposed date or, if necessary, submit a different one. If you have not responded to my reply after this period, your order form will automatically be invalid and no claims will be possible. This means that I am not obliged to advise you on the date I have proposed after the deadline has expired. In individual cases, it may be possible to agree on a new appointment together. This only applies if you initiated a bank payment shortly before the deadline.

1.2.2. Procedure for ordering forms in the event of non-payment 

You undertake to pay for your form order on time, see points 2.3. and 2.4.: In individual cases, you must provide proof of payment no later than the third working day after sending your order form so that your appointment is not cancelled. In the event of non-payment, no demands may be made on me afterwards. Your appointment will no longer be available for you. 

1.2.3. Cancellation of the form order if incorrect data was entered

If you find wrong oder incomplete If you enter data in the order form, I cannot process your form order and it is therefore invalid. Point 11.3.2. to be taken into account. In this case you would not receive any reply or payment details from me. 

1.3. Availability of appointments when ordering the form

When ordering the form, you can only select the dates that are in the form listed are. It is only possible to make appointments outside of these times.

1.4. Invalid Appointment reservation: Reservation  via other ways

The reservation of appointments outside of this website, be itoralover the phone, by e-mail request, via WhatsApp, by post, etc. is not permitted. This means that any consultation requests addressed to me via other channels are always invalid and non-binding.


2.1. Payment-Advice-Order 

Payment is always made before the astrological consultation session. This must be received by me no later than the third working day after sending your order form. Otherwise your appointment will have to be rescheduled or cancelled. As long as your payment is still outstanding, I am not obliged to advise you.

2.2. Payment via PayPal

With your PayPal account you can book your consultation immediately and conveniently and you will get an appointment from me as soon as possible. Payment via PayPal is possible with every online booking.

2.3. Payment by bank transfer

For bank transfers, please plan sufficient lead time for the appointment. Only after payment for the type of consultation you require has been credited to my bank account, the appointment is reserved for you and I will start work. ​

2.4. Deadline for payment when ordering the form

If you select bank transfer or PayPal as a payment method by submitting an order form, then a payment deadline applies. Please remember: your payment must appear in my bank account no later than 6:00 p.m. on the third working day after sending your order form, otherwise your appointment will be canceled from dem mentioned Zeitpunkt be canceled automatically. If you initiated a bank transfer shortly before the payment deadline, I will refund your payment.


3.1. discretion

Please keep in mind that talk is basically only between the two of us. You undertake to abide by the principle of discretion: If you want other people to overhear our conversation during the consultation, you must inform me in advance.


3.3. Non-compliance with the requirement of discretion

Failure to comply with this commandment will  disrupt the effective course of the consultation and is perceived as disrespect towards me. Accordingly, I reserve the right to end our conversation at any time if necessary. If this happens you take responsibility for it and no claims can be made against me afterwards. 


4.1. Online data submission for individual appointments 

Please let me know your request in detail in the order form.

Don't forget to enter your birthday, place of birth (city and country) and time of birth correctly.Make sure your information is accurate. 

If no exact time of birth is available, please enter 12:00 as the time and let me know.

4.2. Subscription data delivery

As soon as you have ordered a subscription, you will receive a quick response from me. We will provide you with a form for submitting your dates of birth.


5.1. Consultation documents: graphics and audio recording

With each consultation, if you wish, you will receive some documents (birth chart, current constellations and transit aspects chart) as PDF files - together with an audio recording of the entire conversation. All of these attachments can be accessed after our conversation via a link that you will receive from me by e-mail.​ If you do not want this documentation, this will not affect the consulting price.  

5.4. Document sharing via my Google Drive account

I will make the files available to you on my Google Drive account. You will receive a link for immediate download of all your documents including the audio file. 

5.5.Liability for Data Loss

You agree to return your data within 24:00 hours  to be downloaded in full after your consultation appointment. Please consider: Your files (consultation documents) will be deleted from my Google Drive account after 24:00 hours due to data protection and after that you will no longer be able to access them. After this period, I assume no liability for the storage of your files. You agree to let me know within 24:00 hours when you have downloaded your files.

5.3. Document sharing via instant messaging service

I can also easily send you your documentation or files via  Whatsapp (orSignal)offer as delivery options. Note: The fastest way to send your files is via WhatsApp.


6.1. telefonic consultancy

The advice is given verbally over the phone if you live in Germany or via Skype if you are abroad. 

6.1.1. Telephone calls from abroad are not permitted 

Due to possible roaming charges, calls over the phone to customers living in Switzerland, Austria and the rest of the world, not allowed. Customers outside of Germany have the opportunity with meonly via Skypeto talk on the phone.

Note: A conversation via WhatsApp call is not possible due to possible disconnections.


6.2. Advice on Skype 

A telephone consultation via Skype without a webcam is possible. My Skype name is:enmanuel.h

6.3. Written statements (horoscopes, minutes or forecasts)

Unfortunately, the creation of written horoscopes, protocols and forecasts is not possible, as these are individually developed and would require a significant amount of effort and time. Given the large number of clients I advise every day, the creation of texts cannot be guaranteed.


7.1. consultation duration

The duration of the consultation may vary depending on the type of consultation. There is a consultation time and a buffer time.

7.1.1. Consultation and buffer time

I am flexible regarding the duration of a consultation. This means that a consultation can be extended by a further 15 minutes beyond the consultation time if necessary. The consultation time is always the first number before the slash "/" between the two minute numbers.

7.2. Extension of the consultation period and prerequisite for this

The duration of a consultation can be extended provided that you pay for the extension immediately via PayPal. Otherwise, an extension of the consultation period is not permitted and you must book or order a new appointment.

7.2.1. Prices for extension of the consultation period

You can extend a consultation by a maximum of one hour beyond the consultation time.

Prices: 30 minutes = 50 euros. 1 hour = 100 euros.

7.3. consulting content

Please note: The consultation only deals with the topics, focal points and horoscopes that belong to the corresponding type of consultation, everything else will have additional costs for you. 

7.4. scope

You have the opportunity to present your priorities and questions in detail in the order or booking form. For me, what you have stated in the order or booking form is mainly valid. If you email me with additional information and questions after your order and before your appointment, then there is no guarantee that I will process all of your additional information and questions.


With the exception of special offers, counseling types are categorized by either life theme or forecast scope.


8.1. Types of advice depending on the topic

The types of advice: relationship help, love help, professional, financial, health, travel, children and personality horoscopes can be ordered individually.

8.2. Types of advice depending on the scope of the forecast

Types of advice such as the annual horoscope relate exclusively to the time span of an astrological forecast. With these types of advice, there is a set number of topics that will be covered for the appropriate future timeframe.

8.3. Advice on more than two topics 

If you want to cover more than one topic in a counseling session, you can "The Big Wheel" Select " as the type of advice, then all possible life topics are included in the price. The scope of the forecast is given for the respective type of advice on each page. 


9.1. Large bike: Surcharge for more people

You can include up to three other people in the consultation for an additional charge of EUR 50.00 per person. 


9.1.2. Large wheel: Consultation duration for several people

Please keep in mind that the length of the consultation, in spite of  several participants, will stay at one hour.


You can book a personal consultation with me and pay for it in cash on site in Berlin. A personal consultation is only forThe Big Wheelpossible. Other types of advice are therefore excluded from the possibility of carrying out a personal consultation. 

10.1. Telephone confirmation 

If you have booked a face-to-face consultation. Do you need me not only in writing but also by phone confirm. Telephone confirmation is via Skype oder Whatsapp, especially if you come from abroad and have a foreign phone number. I will you no later than  on the previous daybetween 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. call up. Your appointment will not take place without prior telephone confirmation. 

10.2. punctuality

Please prepare yourself in good time for your personal appointment with me so that you arrive early for the appointment. Come by in time. If you are 15:00 minutes late, your appointment will be canceled automatically. 

10.3. Proof of identity 

For security reasons, you and everyone involved in the consultation must confirm your identity. 

Please do not forget to take your passport or identity card with you. You agree to show me these at the appointment. If you don't, I won't advise you. 

10.4. payment

You pay the total price in cash on site, beforeBeginning of personal counseling session. 

10.5. discretion and cell phones

You agree to switch off your mobile phone before the start of the counseling session and to keep it in a place specified by me throughout the session. 

You are not allowed to take photos in my interiors.

10.6. presence of third parties

Please keep in mind that only the people who are to be advised are allowed to be present. Third parties, children, minors and pets are not allowed to enter my premises. 




11.1. Cancellation and reimbursement are only possible under certain conditions

1st condition:   Cancellation and reimbursement without basic fee can only be done within a period of time.

2nd condition: If you want to cancel outside the deadline, then you must use  official documents or official documents(such as from a Employer, doctor, police, officials, etc.)  justify and prove that you made your booked appointment through no fault of your own reasons can not perceive. Otherwise they expressly agree that there will be no refund to you .

11.1.1. Deadline for submitting official documents 

To a To enable cancellation for reasons beyond your control, you must have submitted the relevant official documents and/or official certificate no later than the seventh weekday after your scheduled consultation appointment. Otherwise they expressly agree that there will be no refund to you .

11.2. Cancellation deadlines without giving a reason

Deadline for online booking:Exactly 24:00 hoursafter your online booking. After that point 11.1 applies.

Deadline for bank transfer:Exactly 48:00 hours before your booked appointment. This deadline only applies if you submit a transfer . Otherwise points 1.2.1 apply. and 2.4.  

11.3. Automatic appointment cancellation due to unpunctuality

If you do not contact us within 3:00 minutes after the agreed appointment, your consultation appointment will be canceled automatically. This means that if you want a new appointment, you have to book again. There are no refunds or reimbursements after the stated period. 

I will still try to get in touch with you within 15 minutes.

11.4. Failed booking attempt

There are only two ways to book or order a consultation with me: by online booking or by order form, as in points 1.1. and 1.2. was described in detail.


11.4.1. Failed booking attempt by direct bank transfer  

To process a booking or order is acorrectly filled in Booking or order form required.However, if you have transferred money directly to my PayPal or bank account without first entering the appropriate Fformal  with all your complete  and correct data specified  then your money transaction is not a booking, but an incorrect booking attempt. In this case you will get your money back. Requirements for this are: 1. that you let me know if you have transferred money directly to me. 2. that you send me the transaction details of your transfer or payment (date, Transaction code, transaction number, name des payers) .

11.4.2. Incorrect booking attempt due to incorrect or missing information 

you undertake all your details incl. name and Birth details (date, place, time), email and phone number  correctlyadmit. If you provide incomplete or incorrect information on the booking or order form, then you must contact me no later thanContact   the day before the scheduled date so that I can complete and/or correct them. If you do not do this, I reserve the right to either cancel your appointment or reschedule it to a later day. The same applies if you only add to and/or correct your personal details at the appointment.

11.5. Postponement for reasons beyond our control

If you are unable to keep your booked appointment for reasons that are not your fault* (*see point 11.1.), then you have the option of getting a later appointment from me once. In this case I decide which appointment you get. We will find the right date together. You can only have your appointment rescheduled once. Bei there is no deadline for a postponement.


12.1. My commitment to privacy

I am obliged to treat the personal data and information entrusted to me by you and by other people with the utmost care and not to pass them on to third parties.

12.2. Google link

When you book a consultation with me or fill out an order form, you are automatically enrolled as a member of my website (the website provider). Because offers the opportunity to integrate my website with search engines, a link between your name and my website may appear on Google.


12.2.1. Delete the Google link

If you look at this link Not  you can go to my website on the page "AstroRebels" sign up and delete your profile yourself.However, I have no control over when the link with your name on Google will actually disappear. That is, if the link - despite deletion of your membership - continues to exist, then I, Enmanuel von Zehnstern, cannot be held responsible for it and cannot change anything about it. I can only  upon your request, cancel your membership of my website on the platform. However, I cannot delete the existing link between your name and my website on the Google search engine.

You can find out more about data protection atImprint and privacy policy experienced.


You can leave a short review of your consultation on Your Google review will also be published on my website.


Each client has the opportunity during the counseling session to ask everything that belongs to the given type of counseling. I'll give you the answers you needwhileduring the counseling session. After the counseling session, there is no retrospective possibility of additional claims or warranty.

If you have further questions after your appointment, you will need to book a new appointment.


All statements are without guarantee. No liability can be assumed for forecasts, information or statements. 




As of February 10, 2021

© 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Enmanuel von Ten Star – Ten Star Astrology. 

Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany.

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