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Career horoscope

Die eigene Vollkommenheit kann nur erlangt werden, wenn man seine Kräfte gebündelt_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in one direction. 

~ Emmanuel of Tenstars

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Regardless of which direction you develop in , correct career decisions are not only for securing your own , but also for achieving an existential basis holistic satisfaction, essential. Nevertheless, the subject of work always brings with it a certain degree of hardness. Some people are desperate and tense because they don't know how they can best fulfill themselves professionally. Es gibt auch diejenigen, die so viele Beschränkungen und Auseinandersetzungen in ihrem Arbeitsalltag erleben, dass Sie einen völlig anderen Weg  want to take. Based on your birth chart and with the help of various interpretation techniques, I can support you in all professional matters; for example: unemployment, career choice, finding the true vocation, professional independence, problems at work, recruitment or dismissal of workers, etc..

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Career Horoscope 

Consultation time:  30 minutes

Price: €80

Your advantages​:

✅ You will receive all charts and worksheets by email. 

The consultation can be recorded. (Optional)

✅ Forecast scope: One year​.

Please note: Only the topic of work will be dealt with. Other life themes are excluded.

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