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As above, so below, as is the universe, so is the soul. Because of this, man as a life form is subject to and bound by the laws of nature.

​~Enmanuel von Tenstern

Possible focus areas

  • Which astrological tendencies do I have in the future in relation to the topics Recht and/or authority?

  • Which instructions from astrology are there that are useful for me in overcoming legal and/or official hurdles?

  • How likely is it that an upcoming court case or regulatory appointment will go well for me?

  • Will I get my visa this year?

I can answer these and other important questions on the subject of law and authorities. My astrological expertise is at your disposal for any legal and official matters. 

Law and authority (astrological prognosis) 

Consultation time: 30/45 minutes

Initial consultation: €80

Your advantages:​

✅ You will receive all charts and worksheets by email. 

The consultation can be recorded. (Optional)

✅ Maximum Forecast scope: One year​.

Cases for one person

Cases for two persons​en

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