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health horoscope

Gesundheitshorosop. Astrologie. Zehnstern Astrologie. Beratung. Enmanuel von Zehnstern.

Possible focus:

  • What astrological tendencies do I have in the future in relation to the topic health?

  • Could my health condition noticeably worsen or improve?

  • How do I feel about the stars  on a specific treatment or surgery appointment? 

  • I can answer these and other important health-related questions for you.

Health Horoscope 

Consultation time:  30 minutes

Price: €80

Your advantages​:

✅ You will receive all charts and worksheets by email. 

The consultation can be recorded. (Optional)

✅ Forecast scope: One year​.

Please note: only health is covered. Other life themes are excluded.

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